Sensing the extracellular environment

Research in the lab aims to understand how cells sense and interact with their surroundings and how membrane channels and transporters contribute to immune function, host-microbial symbiosis, and cellular metabolism. 

Projects in the lab use a variety of approaches and span several aspects of physiology and disease, including both basic science and translational research.  Our lab uses high resolution quantitative imaging, electrophysiology, organoids, and mouse genetic models to investigate the cellular environment. An important aspect of our research also involves the development of novel optical methods and other tools for studying tissue and cell biology. 
Lab News
July 2021: Our collaboration with Charlie Evavold (from Jon Kagan's lab) and his paper on Gasdermin oligomerization and mTORC regulation via ROS was just published in Cell! Check it out here.  

April 2021: Lab Hike in the Blue Hills! Good to be together outside of the lab at last. Pics here.

March 2021: Henry Pinkard's paper on PycroManager with Michael's application for AutoCIF was published in Nature Methods. 

January 2021:
Jason and Lissette's paper on patients with Wnt2b variants was published in EJHG! Check it out here  

October 2020: Denis' paper on extracellular cyclic dinucleotides and intestinal epithelial cells was officially accepted in PNAS! Check it out here

 July 2020: Lab slowly restarting after shutdown.....

March 2020: Lab shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Lab Research Areas
Hydrogen Peroxide signaling in cells

New tools and methods for cell and tissue biology